An update for Windows 10 makes some users
currently for problems: If the update KB3105208 installed, show some computer
the next time you start a blue screen, the access is no longer possible on the
system. This affects users of Preview-Build 10565 of Windows 10, Microsoft has
issued in October for Windows Insider. It is also the first build since release
of Windows 10, which is available as an ISO download. 

Windows 10 Blue Screen Problem

The cause of the failure
is not yet known. It also does not seem to occur on all systems. The Microsoft forums Report User of Surface 3, Surface Pro 3, Dell Venue 8
Pro and the Yoga Tablet 2, on which the error occurred. Whether and which
devices are affected moreover, is not yet known at the current time. The good
news: At least a workaround that corrects the problem, there is now.

How’s rescue crashed system easily?

Who will receive after installing KB3105208
itself of a blue screen, no need to become panic. The problem can be solved
relatively simply – in the settings of the BIOS boot only needs the secure
option be disabled. In most cases, Windows should then start as usual and
without permanent damage. . The update can be uninstalled then in order to
prevent the automatic installation of the update KB3105208, users of Windows  10 need  Home the Microsoft hotfix: Windows 10 hide or block updates use. 


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