If you want to successfully achieve the optimal position of your online
business, the one thing that needs to be done is to control the site through Google,
Bing and Yandex Webmaster Tools especially if you are new to the blogging era.
Having your website listed on these powerful SEO tools, then the next thing is
to wait for the index that occurred on the site once the control in the event
of an error in the URL submitted, or the sitemap unreadable. Some frequent case
is a sitemap often cannot be read due to an error that occurred or invalid
sitemap submissionWebmaster Tools to Control Website and Blog
Webmaster tools Control sites will often do at this stage of site
optimization. Having regard to the entire important instrument in webmaster
tools, then you can make a decision for optimization steps. You can monitor the
backlink, monitor relevant keywords are "read" on the site, including
error control and position of the query results. Without the use of existing
data on the webmaster, then the optimization process as "walking without
eyes" and will be a lot of mistakes.
If you follow the SEO training in our place, then we will teach you how
to read the instruments that exist in the webmaster so you can make the best
decision and the right at the stage of site optimization. At the level of
"spread", the technique makes the article and link building on your
site is affected by the data that appears on the webmaster tools. So do not
ignore the advanced control tools and accurate site that is owned by Google.


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