The iPad 2 is apparently still the most
widely used iPad. This emerges from a survey by the research firm Localytic,
which was carried out in October 2015, According Localytics use 20 percent of
iPad owners an iPad 2. 18 percent use an iPad mini. In third place is the iPad
Air with 17 percent, followed by the iPad fourth generation with 13 percent. On
the fifth to seventh place, the third-generation iPad with 10 percent, the iPad
Air 2 with 9 percent and the iPad mini 2 are with 8 percent. The very first
iPad is still used by 3 percent of iPad owners, while the iPad Mini 3 with 2
per cent is still behind the first iPad.
Why iPad 2 Become The Most Popular iPad

Apple has launched in the past five years ten
different iPad versions on the market - the iPad Pro are not taken into. The
most popular is surprisingly still the iPad 2, Apple released early as the spring
of 2011 in the Apple Stores. On the last place the way the new iPad mini 4
landed. However, Apple sells the iPad mini 4 only a few weeks, Apple, the iPad
mini 4 launched only in September, has the study, however, was carried out in
October, the usage figures of the iPad mini 4 are well not very meaningful.

Apple has launched the iPad 2 in 2011. The
iPad mini is from 2012 and the iPad Air from 2013. Localytics believes that the
high usage figures comparatively old iPads are due to the fact that hardly
anyone to be exchanged for a new iPad. Most people use their iPad probably
mainly to surf, watch videos, and listen to music and the writing of one or
other email. This, however older devices are perfectly adequate, especially
since the iPad 2 can be easily updated to the latest iOS version iOS 9.1.


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