WhatsApp Web can you use
with the iPhone now. A feature that many users have WhatsApp already desired,
now finds its way. WhatsApp is and will remain in our eyes the measure of all
things when it comes to messenger services around the smartphone. Take time a
few short messages, photos, video sending, is not a problem. It does not matter
whether their anschreibt individuals or groups. Although WhatsApp does not
offer the greatest extent compared to other Messenger, it is one of the
most-used Messenger.
WhatsApp Web Now Available for iOS

WhatsApp Web for iOS has

From now on you can use
WhatsApp Web with the iPhone. This was not possible for a long time. Although
the WhatApp Web service was already a few months ago at the start, but this was
only Android devices, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia S40 and Nokia S60
The "Web WhatsApp for
iPhone" rollout is done step by step. Early adopters get under WhatsApp -
already displayed> WhatsApp Web -> Settings. Once you select this menu
item, you can scan the QR code below web.whatsapp.com scan and use WhatsApp Web
on the iPhone. Under the web address and the iPhone-Note is displayed from

If on your iPhone menu
item WhatsApp Web already displayed? How do you find the opportunity to
WhatsApp also use the browser? The service you can by the way the computer with
Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer use.


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