To sift through emails on the iPhone or iPad
or search for selected messages, may well prove to be costly venture – but not
if you have Siri. The charming voice assistant helps out here too, by telling
her your voice to which e-mail (s) you are looking for. The more specific you
are, by specifying for example, date and subject, the quicker you find what
you’re looking for and read the whole thing before.
What is siri and how it works
If something collects in masses on the
iPhone, then these are certainly emails – whether for business or pleasure,
make these electronic messages for most users in droves. The more difficult it
is to find selected emails in the Wust is – you might think, but it is not so,
because the charming Sprachassistenin Siri does the work. In video tip we show
you how to bring Siri to find e-mails and also read.
Ultimately enough an intuitive voice command,
such as “Show me all messages from February 4 with the subject Apple”
– which this is but one example. Siri can handle even with other voice commands
or e-mail queries. Then Siri’s decision and tells you how many relevant e-mails
you have. Note: The more specific you are, the faster is the Siri you are
looking for e-mails.


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