While the first generation Chromecast housed
in an elongated, stick-shaped housing, Google has chosen the new model for a
round. The new Chromecast of Google differs technically only in nuances
from the previous model. We have looked at, for whom the purchase is worthwhile
– and were surprised how little has changed in practice. The new model has a
firmly connected cable with an HDMI connector, which is connected to TV or
projector. If necessary, the HDMI plug may be fitted with a magnet
mechanism in the streaming puck.
Google's New Chromecast

A new housing and improved wireless antenna: The
new Chromecast now has dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 a / ​​b / g / n / ac, an Ethernet
, there is still no. There remains only the path via a wireless
connection.  These are the main innovations of the year Chromecast 2015.
There is also a revised app – but also works with the old model. Many of
the advertised by Google Product presentation improvements are not yet
available. In the test we clarify whether not new for the device would be
necessary even.
The Chromecast still does not support WPS, to
simplify the application on the WLAN router. Annoyingly, remembers well
the new model only the last set up Wi-Fi network. Because due to the
compact dimensions, the Puck is actually an ideal way to take him about
traveling. The restrictions on the use of wireless make anything but

The basic principle remains unchanged: The
new Chromecast necessarily requires another device to play content, the puck
takes over the actual streaming. The new model starts Although few seconds
earlier with playing, but that does not make much difference in practice,
because it still takes a long time. As apps from Google itself, we noticed
a significant speed jump: How Youtube and Play Movies on the need Chromecast
the first generation 20 to 30 seconds until the playback is in progress. The
other device is something like a remote control. The substance may have
smartphones and tablets with Android or iOS and Windows and OS X computer
running the Chrome browser. Content from the Internet are then output on
the Chromecast.


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