the beginning of last May's no conversation about the website optimization ranking changes are quite obvious. Already many people are trying to confirm
whether this is a change Google panda algorithm or penguin algorithms, but the
answer is no. This ranking change was not due to an update of pandas or
Google Phantom Algorithm

Google cannot give a definitive answer will change this algorithm, the SEO
community speculated that Google is also not aware of the causes of this change
and therefore these changes named phantom or ghost algorithms.

algorithms by Google still reworded as changes in the pursuit of quality of
content pages, although Google did not provide further explanation about this.
But one certainty is this algorithm many hit the ranking of websites providers
tutorial "how to" or other similar informational website.
It is not
clear what factors are desired by this phantom algorithm because Google really
does not provide any information. But obviously there will still be a rank 1
and that means quality standards are slightly shifted content. If from my
personal observation for several websites and blogs that I had seemed to be no
significant change, although there was a mid-May swing ranking. The nature of
this phantom algorithm he worked on the domain level so that the affected blogs
will drop as a whole and not just per page.

website confirmed that they experienced a drop by 22% of visits from Google. So
in short, this algorithm itself is not the penguin or panda, but the parameters
of what the starting measuring no one knows for sure. Once again the
perpetrators SEO should assess ranking pages to find out what the new tastes of
Google. But if this really targets the tutorial content then it could harm most
of blogs because 70% of blogs are blogs not tutorial blogs and very difficult
to make revisions to the content items.


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