What is it? Optimization is the
process of modifying your site and ads on your site to improve the quality of
your site, traffic on your site and performance of AdSense ads. Based on your
goals, optimization can involve ad implementation improvements or changes to
your site.
Why optimize? Optimizing your
AdSense ads implementations and site is crucial when it comes to the success of
your goals. Through optimization, you can help grow your AdSense revenue,
improve usability of your site, get more traffic or accomplish any of your
other goals.


Running an experiment allows you to
compare one of your ad settings against a variation of that setting to see
which performs better. Experiments work by splitting your site’s traffic
between the original ad setting and the variation, so that their performance
can be measured side by side. Experiments help you to make informed decisions
about how to configure your ad settings, and can help you to increase your
Here are some examples of the types
of experiments that you can run:
  1. Compare the performance of
    text-only ad units to ad units that have both text and display enabled
  2. Analyze the effect of changing the
    color of ad text on ad performance
  3. Determine the impact on your
    revenue of using ad serving, sensitive and/or general category blocks.


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