Blog feed is a way to distribute their large and small post contents
well beyond just visitors using web browsers. Feeds are permitted blog visitors
to subscribe and get regular updates, delivered automatically via mail services.
Feeds also make it easier for blog content to be wrapping up into
“widgets,” “gadgets,” mobile devices, and other bite-sized
technologies that are capable to display blogs, podcasts, and major news headlines
just about on the go.
Using feeds you can keep track of a large numbers of your favorite blog,
no need to remember to check every blog. You can get latest update your online
experience by subscribing to your favorite blogs and websites feeds and gathering
this news in one place to be read.
how to validate blogger blog feed
So, your blog or site must have a subscription box or widget that permits
blog visitors to subscribe and get latest updates regularly. And keep it touch
with Google feedburner to check your blog feed working properly. Feedburner always
automatically validate your feed but some time it unable to fix your blog feed
but feedburner provide a nuclear option “Resyncing”, you can Resync if your
blog feed is take more than 1 hour out-of-date and pinging feedburner does not automatically
update your feed.
Why Resync blog feed:
  1. Clears our cached version and refresh its content from your
    Original Feed.
  2. Creates podcast enclosures for new items and contain links
    to podcast content.
  3. Reports any feed formatting problems encountered during the
    resync process.


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