Apple has the inclusion rate in 2015 won for
his voice-over feature that is available on OS X and iOS. VoiceOver is not a
separate screen reader function but integrated into the operating systems. The
operating aids of iOS and OS X are popular among many people with disabilities
and therefore Apple has now got awarded the inclusion rate in 2015 for his
commitment. It is awarded by the Bavarian Blind and Visually Impaired eV
VoiceOver for iOS and OS X

The function does not only speak of what is
happening on the screen but also provides the user through menu functions and
buttons also have the option to respond. The control of the computer or the
mobile device is also possible without requiring the user to see the screen.
VoiceOver also includes a gesture control for the Mac that works on the
trackpad – either the MacBook but also with the external Magic Trackpad. You
move the cursor to the user is read, on what area it is located. Here the mouse
pointer to the next item when the user sweeps a finger across the pad. Also
enlarged fonts, a controller using the numeric keypad, Highlighting of windows
and much more is offered in voiceover.
VoiceOver in OS X also called rotor on. This
one turns with two fingers virtually a knob and gets on the rotor, a command
selection, which can also be customized. So new gestures for some important
functions must not constantly be learned. Apple has also in the context of
voice-over an extensive Braille support. Corresponding devices are simply
connected to the Mac, and then enter the descriptions in Braille from. For the
function of Apple now got the inclusion rate, the standard equipment of the
devices was 2015.

Particularly praised the function out of the
box can be used to also of people with disabilities. This Apple facilitates
these people to participate in the daily life. The iPhone will be the most
popular smartphone among blind and visually impaired people. Representing Apple
took born blind Apple employees from Berlin Apple store price.


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