The final version of the video player VLC Version
2.7.0 for Apple TV has been released. There is also a new iOS version of VLC,
which supports the split screen mode of iOS 9 on the iPad and Touch ID. The
great advantage of VLC? The app makes all possible video formats and supports
5.1 surround sound and subtitles.
VLC for iOS with Split Screen
What's New in VLC Version 2.7.0
  • Dropped support for iOS 6.1. VLC requires iOS
    7.0 now
  • Added supports for SMB file sharing
  • Re-wrote Apple Watch extension for watchOS 2
  • Media stored in folders on remote servers is
    now played as a list
  • Reworked networking UI
  • Added support for system-wide search
  • Added improved UI support for Right-to-Left
  • Added support for the split-screen appearance
    in iOS 9
  • Added support for Touch ID to unlock app
  • Added option to configure playback
  • Added option to configure gestures
  • Added support for music albums with more than
    1 disk
  • Display chapter duration in playback UI
  • Recently played network stream URL are now
    shared across all devices
  • Stored login information is now shared across
    all devices
  • Cloud login credentials are now shared across
    all devices

For video lovers, there is a new version of
VLC 2.7.0 for iOS. The free app supports the split screen mode when iOS 9 iPads
and can be backed up to the option of using the fingerprint and unlocks with
Touch ID. However, no longer runs on iOS 6.1 and now requires at least iOS 7.
The app supports accessing SMB shares on a remote server and shows media stored
in a list. The developers have also a support for the system-wide search for
"Core Spotlight" added and changed smaller details on the surface and
at the playback functions.

The Apple TV version VLC is now outgrown the
beta stage and can be used on the set-top box. In the iOS version,
incidentally, a new Apple Watch Extension for watchOS 2 is also installed with
the remote control of the video planner about the SmartWatch is possible.
The great advantage of VLC: The app makes all
possible video formats and supports playback of 5.1 surround sound as well as
subtitle files. VLC for iOS can be downloaded for free through the iTunes App
Store from Apple.


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