UNI is a device that has been developed by
the US MotionSavvy, it is mainly equipped with two functions. One can, by the
action of the motion sensors and specialized software built, ability sign
language is recognized and analyzed automatically to read the content input by
the sign language as speech. The other is the ability to display and causing a
voice inputted to the character on the display.
Sign Language to Voice Conversion
The two functions, between the people who do
not know the handicapped people and sign language of the ear, it has a smooth
communication becomes possible.
According to the MotionSavvy, UNI has been
developed with the aim of the launch of the summer in 2016, in addition to that
it becomes possible to recognize the approximately 2000 types of sign language
at the time of sale, the type of sign language that can be recognized by
providing ongoing updates add at any time and has been going appointment is
that of.
Also this, in addition to enabling add any
sign language by using a dedicated software called "SignBuilder",
through software called "CrowdSign", and that it is possible to share
the added sign language between all UNI User It was in the clear.
In addition, Uni plans two types of models
are sold. The basic model "UNI BASIC" is only sold software, while it
is in the form to be used in combination with a PC and the "Leap
Motion", "UNI PRO" Top Model will be implemented the same
software and UNI BASIC tablet it is that of to be sold as a terminal.
The former is $99, the latter has been set
selling price of $ 799, in addition to the purchase cost even if you have
selected either, and SingBuilder and subscription purchase of $20 a month,
including access rights to CrowdSign is mandatory.


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