Each WhatsApp update
the number of functions increases. Here but some remain hidden – we show you
the most practical WhatsApp features that you should know. With the latest
updates of WhatsApp for Android and iOS you can unlock all the new hidden features
in Messenger. Thus, for example messages via pop-up check and send, without
WhatsApp to open it.
Unveils Hidden Features WhatsApp Capabilities for Android & iOS
Most Messages with
Which Contact?
Who wants to find out
with which contact you chat most, can easily find out, at least on iOS. Open
the settings and the menu item “Account”. Under “memory usage”
can be found then the total number of sent and received messages and a single
list with your contacts.
Fat Write, Italics and
In addition, there are
new options for text formatting, that you bold, italicize, or strikethrough can
to highlight for example, important addresses or agreed meeting places. The
feature is currently hiding something; there are buttons for the new bold,
italic or crossed formatting available. Instead, you need to use punctuation.
Would you like fat in a
word, put it between two stars:
* LabLance *
If a word in italics,
so place it between two underscores:
For a slashed font is
set for your text between two so-called Tilden (~):
~ ̶LabLance ~
Keep in mind also that
the text is displayed formatted only if the recipient has also installed a
version that can cope with it – the other if he just sees the punctuation
corresponding used.
Quick Access to
WhatsApp Chat Settings
Those who like to
archive their WhatsApp chats with contacts or want to turn annoying chats for a
certain period of silence, can now also via shortcut with a long press on the
contact photo – then a corresponding Action menu enabled.
Record Videos with
WhatsApp Camera
Faster access there
according to the latest WhatsApp update for Android also in the built-in
camera. Here WhatsApp has a new design and donated lets users à la Snapchat now
also record video when you hold the shutter button held down.
Disable Automatically Save
Photos and Videos
WhatsApp automatically
stores obtained images on the phone. With whom the space anyway is already
scarce, the function can simply disable. Open the iOS WhatsApp Settings and go
to the point “chat settings” and disable “Received secure”

Under Android, see the
point “Media Auto download” also in the “chat settings” and
can even set individually whether “pictures”, “Audio” and
“Video” to download automatically.


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