A study shows that
industry comparisons in click-through rates have little meaning. Instead, one
should rather concentrate on their own CTRs and monitor their progress. It can
be drawn valuable conclusions.
There are numerous
studies, such as the position of search results on the CTR or click-through
rate affects (CTR). There are industry-specific differences. In addition to
ranking well each keyword has a role, was sought after. So you can, for
example, differ according to whether it is a brand-related keyword or not.
A recent study, showing:
Industry benchmarking of click-through rates have little meaning, because there
are still many other factors. It would be better to concentrate on their own
CTR and use them as a benchmark for the development of measures.
The most important
evidence emerges from the study are:
  • Industry-wide averages say
    little about individual pages: Within the sectors there are major differences
    between the individual pages.
  • Pages that have grown to
    number one get, by no means all clicks: The CTR of organic top goal was always
    below 50 percent. The reason for this is, for example, shopping Oneboxen for
    searches with buying interest.
  • Brand Relevant searches
    click better search queries containing brand or domain-related keywords, have a
    much higher CTR than generic search queries. The show the following summaries
    of the mentioned study (selection).

Click Through Rate Data
For Branded Search:

If you’re curious as to
what we found when looking at average click through rates by topic, here’s the
data for branded search.
Search Click Through Rates

Endorsements for action:

Based on the findings in
the study is recommended to focus on the CTR of your website and to draw the
right conclusions. The course of CTR supports the following things:
  • Judging whether the
    optimizations to title, description, or other content that affect the playout
    of snippets in the search results have been successful.
  • Measuring the impact of
    of search engines (modified ranking, playout of Knowledge Graphs or
    shopping Oneboxen)
  • Decision-making basis for
    future SEO measures: Worthwhile example investment in new content?


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