see that if you explore your website and blog backlinks, you find that Alexa
backlinks are large margin compare to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and any other web
crawler or webmasters counting backlinks, you'll get different number of
backlinks from all of them. They all do their own crawling and as a result see
different posts and pages and thus get different results.
Alexa rank or site audit information mostly comes from
a tiny subset of users who have use alexa spyware and thus their numbers are
skewed toward their preferences. If you want to watch your site skyrocket in
their ratings just install alexa toolbar and visit your site at least once a
Understanding Alexa Rank, Its Site Audit and Web Crawlers
Most of Alexa ranking factors are noticeable that it
will now show which websites link the most to your site. This should enable you
to cross reference the data from Alexa. As noted in the other research the
Alexa data is pretty unreliable so maybe the Google enhancements would give
better statistics. In simple words
Alexa rank is useless.
Alexa is extremely unreliable and not a true estimate of how busy your site is?
it is a mere calculation of how many people are install their toolbar and visit
own site, since toolbar usage varies from niche to niche its terribly
unreliable and the only stats you should interest yourself is actual unique
Alexa Crawler, crawls the web in order to identify and
classify web content, to discover backlinks, and find related sites.  We
will not index anything you would like to remain private. All you have to do is
tell us using a robots.txt file.
The Alexa web crawler (robot) identifies itself as
“ia_archiver” in the HTTP “User-agent” header field. The Alexa Internet ia_archiver
crawler strictly adheres to robots.txt rules.
To prevent ia_archiver from visiting any part of your site,
your robots.txt file should look like this:

User-agent: ia_archiver

Disallow: /

To allow ia_archiver to visit your entire sites add these
lines to your robots.txt file:

User-agent: ia_archiver



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