Twitter has released a new version of its app
for OS X. Version 4.0.0 contains many new features: The layout has been
revised, among other things, there is next to a light held a darkened version.
There are also several features that offer apps for other platforms for some
time, as support for videos.
Black Pixel
For users, the software is so far to no good:
They complain about the design and about the lack of opportunities - for
instance, that no copy-and-paste image directly from the app is possible. Even
poor response times and errors about the login are faulted. Most bugs should be
solved within a short time via an update.
Basically, shows the new app that Twitter
obviously also relies on desktops and notebooks not only on the browser.
However, there were at Twitter Company internal discussions, whether any app
for Macs is necessary, as a former employee in an article on the social network. The software was developed then, according to The Verge not at Twitter
itself, but in an external studio from Seattle named Black Pixel.
The app for OS X Version 10:10 is on the App
Store for free as approximately 6 MB of download available. Whether soon to be
expected with a major update to the likewise no longer contemporary Twitter app
for Windows, is not known.


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