A blog development will be strongly influenced by mainly 3 most important
factors that will make Blog crowded. These are SEO, Content Quality and Number
of Articles. These 3 key factors are interrelated so if you have a problem with
traffic blog you must be fulfilled these 3 top most criteria’s, if one of the
less it will be in vain.


Search Engine Optimization is the first step that is very influential in the
development of blogs in particular on the number of visitors, if you want to
blog visitors crowded little by little you should know the basic terms of SEO.

Usually you know the SEO term On Page and Off Page but in SEO on page and off
page covers many things, perhaps you should begin to recognize the term SEO on
page and off page.


Content will determine a blog and can affect many little visitors, remember the
content is king so you must be needed to develop a SEO
inning content strategy and
backlink can be said to be a commander.

Many factors in the manufacture of articles or content like Guest articles with
good writing style and choosing a right Keyword to articles, Not only does it
aim at a topic or keyword in the article that will be written will increase
blog visitors, it must easy to understand, presenting useful information and
provide answers to the reader.

The content density, number of words in the article is also very important to
create SEO friendly articles with more than 500 words long, the chance to
compete in the SERP will be easier than that with a word rich articles can be
more insert keywords.

Number of Articles

Having many articles on the blog is a great advantage for you because then the
greater the chances of visitor visits. Visitors like your blog but only a few
kinds of information, it is very unfortunate for you because visitors do not
find more relevant information about your niche.

If blogs have little article then the chances of visitors who come too
little because of the articles that they are looking for does not exist.

I hope the above factors can drive massive search traffic to your blog.


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