Many bloggers still do not understand in choosing a domain name for an
online business that is managed appropriately. For those people who do not
learn seo, usually use intentionally top level names that correspond to want
targeted keywords. This is a big mistake because Google has issued EMD algorithm (exact match domains) a few years ago, which eradicate the obvious
sites targeting the keyword through the selection of a domain name. If you see
a lot of sites like this that win in the Google search, it is because business
owners use the seo services to promotion. And usually the fee charged is much
more expensive because of the EMD need effort handling 2x more tiring than non
EMD. Even then, do not last long.
Choose The Right Domain Name
So for newbie blogger
who wants to secure the successful online business in the long running
environment, from the outset should define the exact TLD name must be done
properly. The instructions that you can use are as follows:
We recommend that you select the appropriate
name brand products that you create. If you have a business to make
something, usually giving the brand name on the product. And is strongly
recommended for use on the domain. Unless you sell other people's
products, please do not use that name as the address of your website.
Specify a name that is unique and easily
remembered by customers. If you love a word to be used as the address of
the site, you should check first whether there is having? You can visit
the website hosting provider and do check on the tools provided to the domain
ordering. If still available, do check in Google search if there are
similar or not? If there is, I suggest changing it. Because of this
potentially "one entry site" by your customers. This is the
danger if it turns out that a competitor's website.
If you have a business license, I recommend
using extension or id. This extension is very powerful in seo and Google
gives a good ranking position as to have the company as a condition
requiring certificates.
If the existing .com extensions opt for the
desired domain, you should change the name of your choice. Many carelessly
using .net or .biz or .org only complain because they want to use the address
of choice. If your business in accordance with the internet, so using .net
as an alternative because it is consistent, but if you sell clothes, I suggest
do not use dot net for your afford very tiring in the optimization. The
safest current use .com for online business.
If you buy a used domain and its history was
never banned, then you have to use it in accordance with the previous
theme. If you want to the change niche, then you will be tired
optimize. For such transactions, I recommend buying sites do not just buy
the domain.
If the determination is quite a unique name,
then you should do the optimization popularity domain name rather than a
general keyword optimization. The goal is that the brand image embedded in
the community and do not need to perform a search based on keywords shooting
competition is high and often up and down the rankings. For the short term,
it is okay to optimize the popular keyword, but set a long-term goal to instill
brand image.
Avoid the use of a foreign language for your
business website address if it targeted local market your country. Do not
put prestige if it turns out your domain name is difficult to be memorized
In the interest of seo, should be part of
your domain address using popular word, but must also contain unique words that
lead to personal specifics. Suppose you sell used cars, and you named CarVale,
then I suggest using the site address:
Avoid the use of a hyphen "-" or
numbers, especially if the competition with many similar names. Unless it is a
corporate identity. 
10.  Avoid
loge tail domain names, try to register a domain having maximum 10 characters
because short domains are SEO friendly and memorable.

The above
10 best tips for you to choosing a domain name.


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