The key new features of
iOS 9.3 include the Night Shift function. According to Apple, many studies have
shown that sleep-wake cycle can become confused when one is exposed to bright
evening light blue. Thus, the sleep is harder eventually. The Night Shift Mode
can this effect prevented by the colors of the display moves in the evenings
toward the warmer end of the spectrum. Under OS X Nightshift has not available,
use a free tool to be used. 
Tool F.lux Brings Night-Shift Mode on the Mac

The starting OS X Snow
Leopard bootable f.lux shifts the colors displayed on the screen towards the
warmer end of the spectrum. This can either be done manually via a slider or
automatically starting with the sunset – to the input of the current location
(city or latitude and longitude) is required. Then, the colors be changed
beginning with the sunset gradually toward the warm spectrum. At sunrise f.lux
sets the colors back to the original values.
f.lux is operated via a
system-wide available menu and allows the individual color setting for the
three sections “Daytime” (Daytime), “After Sunset” (Sunset)
and “Bedtime” (Bedtime) – to the Kelvin values ​​are displayed.
During the day there are standard 6500K, 3400K after sunset and bedtime 1900K.
The default settings can be made via the pull down menu in the upper right
corner of the window by selecting “Recommended colors” again.
f.lux can temporarily
deactivate the system menu, for example, for an hour or only for the currently
used program (which is useful, such as image processing). In addition, the
software offers several additional configuration options, including a weekend
mode (no activation on Friday and Saturday), color effects (such as a darkroom
and film mode) and a timer that displays the time remaining until the rising
(the get-up time can be set free).

After exiting f.lux
(via the system-wide menu => “Quit f.lux”) the default color
scheme of OS X will be restored automatically. f.lux works on both Macs with
integrated monitor as well as externally connected screens. The manufacturer
points out that must be switched off in the system settings under
“monitors” to use f.lux OS X El Capitan “Adjust brightness automatically” on Mobilmacs option.


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