The influential social
networks are those users who, for their knowledge in a subject are seen by
other users as “experts” and his comments could influence other
members of their community.
Social networking is
already a very efficient tool for finding information for both brands and
consumers. When looking at social networks, we try looking for experts in the
field or product.

Build Relationship

How do we define an
influential social network?

There are many factors in
defining someone as a factor of influence in social media. The three attributes
that are most important are the relevance, scope and resonance.
Relevance is the content
that influential share in their community.
Scope is determined by the
number of potential people to where your message might get this on the basis of
his followers.
Resonance is defined by
the user participation through content that provide them.

How do we seek an
influential social network?

Statistics of social
networks.  Social networks like Facebook,
Twitter, LinkedIn or Google lets you see the number of followers someone has.
It is important not only to look at the number of likes and comments on the
page of the user, but also the type of conversations they are having.

Collaborate With
Influential Social Networks

Interact with influencers
through content that is shared and participate in conversations that start or
they drive.
On the way we participate
with influential, it is the way by which we receive also shares part of
them.  This relationship will give your
company the opportunity to gain more followers, and in turn, become an

Maintaining Relationships
With Influential People In Social Networks

You’ve already found your
influential social networks and you’ve already been involved with them, the
maintenance of the relationship is the most difficult step. One way to do this
is to create separate lists for his influential Twitter.  Twitter lists are a great way to keep track
of your influential media and what they say.
Take some time each day to
review the list and say hello, stay in touch with them, do not lose what you
have already achieved in the previous steps.

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