Getting targeted and
organic traffic to your blog or website is a vital part of social marketing. Maybe
it's a lot of ways to promote your blog content as shared on Facebook, Reddit,
Twitter, Technorati, ping and others, of the number of ways such as listed above.
The more eyeballs you will get, the more your blog content will be cross-promoted.
The more your blog content is shared in a better way more effective promotion
of a blog is to promote it in the search engine itself, certainly is a more
effective way of making your blog popular in Google and so on. Without organic
traffic and original content to your blog, your post content will not be get indexed
by search engines, regardless of the poor quality of your blog contents.
Promote Blog on Google

Maybe Blogger already know
this technique, but who do not know how promotion blog on Google, they will
keep in mind two important things:

  1. Pingyour blog on Google
  2. Submityour blog to Google

Bloggers may also submit their blog feed. Perform this technique once a month,
because if too often, your blog will be considered as spam blog by Google.

has a social data hub and Google + communities drive massive traffic to promote
your blog. Lots of social marketers though, Google+ has remained a mystery try
the social out, only to get frustrated because they don’t quite get how to
connect with their market on it. 

Check out the tips below to learn the best
ways you can get the word out about your blog.

Connect your blog to Google+:
Connect your blogger profile with
Google+ to take advantage of automatic sharing to blogging communities.
Enable Search Preference:
Make sure your Blogger blogs Search
Preferences features are enable, then you can able to add summarize text of
your posts content, it easier for those seeking your content.
Know Your Audience:
A decent approach
to construct a crowd of readers is to address at least one specific keyword.
When you keep your readers
importance in mind, your content writing gains focus. Focus goes a long way
toward rehash visitors.
Your Blog to Search Sites and Directories:
look for good blog content at Reddit, Technorati and other sites every day, are
your blog on their list? You should be. Submit and promote your blog URLs to Popdex,
Technorati, Daypop, Reddit, and any other site of that type you come across.
Regular Updates:
unique and niche based articles daily. Build more and more contents, the
more you blog, the more traffic and search ranking you'll get.
your blog to Send Pings:
your blog pinging facility, when this setting is activated, your blog will be
included in various "recently updated" lists on the web as well as
other blog-related services like RSS.
an active commenter:

you come across a blog search you like, why not leave a comment? This way,
other readers who read and are interested in your comment and click back to
your profile and check out your blogs.



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