The SyncPhone to be the first smart phone,
which with full Windows 10 is equipped operating system, not Windows 10 Mobile,
and Android. This is a crowdfunding campagn at Indiegogo, which is currently
looking after supporters. You need at least $ 750,000. From a total $ 2 million
and the support of Ubuntu is guaranteed. The SyncPhone is planned in three
versions, which impress technically quite. The only question is whether
something can come of it. It sounds basically too good and the schedule is
quite tight.
windroid smartphone

SyncPhone with full Windows 10

While we currently are from the Continuum
function Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL show thrilled smartphones,
already we actually wait on the Surface Phone with x86 processor and
full-fledged Windows 10 operating system. Just as a smartphone to be the
SyncPhone. It includes normal components are used, one of the smaller tablets
knows, but this packed into a much smaller enclosure with 5.4 inch.
Should be offered the SyncPhone in three
versions at different prices. So there are the basic model SyncPhone, the
slightly better SyncPhone S and the high-end model SyncPhone Pro. Particular
latter appeals to us because lacks neither tidy nor much memory of internal
memory. It also comes with a more powerful Intel Atom CPU x7-8700 used, while
the smaller model Atom x5 processors are equipped with Intel.
From SyncPhone S there is also a stylus,
which at the small screen and full-fledged Windows 10 lends itself well.
Furthermore, installed is a kickstand and there is an aluminum housing. Really
compact smartphone but does not act. At a USB Type C connector and HDMI output
was of course not omitted.


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