to a new rumor from Paul Thurrott the Surface series is a 14 inch device 2in1
be expanded with fixed keyboard dock and good hardware. According to Thurrott,
the device is present with his display in “Retina-class”.
order to pack more power into the hardware, there should be a configuration
“dual-GPU”. This means that a part of the terminals (eg. The AUX
jack) in the tablet is itself anything but in the Dock.
Surface Pro 4 Comes With Resistant Keyboard Dock

the Surface with dock could have built several USB ports and perhaps a multiple
card reader. A LAN port and a quick-charge port I could imagine myself there
too. The tablet should be possible to separate them from the keyboard dock.
apparently a dual GPU to be built, a CPU with integrated GPU is in the tablet
itself are. In Dock is a special graphics processor could then are designed to
improve the screen resolution, especially when other monitors are connected.
Also could be a second battery sit at dock, which would extend the term of the
tablet determines a lot.

the convertible notebook will look is still unknown. According to the rumors,
it might look like the Dell XPS 12 9250. The separation of the tablet with the
keyboard is also “presented” by XPX 12th


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