The non-www to www version
of redirects is instructions and techniques that automatically navigate your website
or blog naked domain to www version URL location.
When you submit your site
single version either www or naked version to Google Webmaster Tools, it may
take some time to diagnostic and fetch your website data. This is normal; it
can take upto 24 hours for Webmaster Tools to accumulate and process data for
your site.
If you are seeing no data
for the site in GWT dashboard, it may be because you have added
your site using naked version To Google, these both are
entirely different sites. If you feel you’re missing some data or data appears
out of date, submit both the www and the non-www version of your domain to your
Google Webmaster Tools account. Take a look at diagnostic and fetch data for
both sites.
Submit your naked domain address to Webmaster
When you add both the www
and the non-www version of your domain to Webmaster Tools, You very likely do
have some webpages redirects. Perhaps one of the most used redirects on the web
is 301 redirect sites from the non-www to www version of a site webpage. The
non-www to www version of redirects have been recommended for SEO reasons that’s
if you have setup this type of redirect to your site, you keep it in as it
helps Google to make your website better understand.

for your domain without the www (e.g. []). This should return
pages from your domain and any of your indexed subdomains (
You should be able to tell search engine from the results whether your site is
mainly indexed with naked domain address or with the www subdomain address. The
domain version that’s indexed is likely to be the domain version that shows the
most data in your GWT account. You can also let everyone else know which
version of domain address you prefer by doing a site-wide canonical
URL tag for custom 301 redirect. Learn moreabout specifying the canonical version of a page.


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