First i want to quickly
says submitting your websites/Blogs or getting a link be it through guest article
writing or other means on a high PR blog that does not means your links has
high PR, such links has less value as well as less link juices irrespective of
the high domain name it has, hence the reason for this post to know how to give
your link a boost up and make more valuable. 
Getting valuable backlinks
are extremely fashionable methodology to extend the ranking also as traffic of
website or blog. Google penguin is new algorithm for analyzing website
backlink. Essentially it analyzes the standard of backlinks also as link
spamming. We have a tendency to shared varied strategies to form top quality
backlinks for the web site in line with Google penguin algorithm. You must
avoid various old links building methodology. You should read new Google
penguin algorithm from webmaster blog.
The Effective Ways to Get Valuable Backlinks
Follow the below strategies and get valuable backlinks:
Contentis King:
First learn to QQ Concept (Post Quality and Quantity) of contents to
directories this way it can easily be picked up by the search engine and also
help your reader as well bring traffic from those directories. The only way to
get the valuable backlinks is to use the appropriate technique to create the
backlinks. Use the quality content to your website. Create the backlinks in the
high PR site so
that to increase the traffic to your website.
Social Marketing:
social media sites to promote articles, if people share your links that’s the
best interactive and engaging ways to get backlinks like being active on
Pinterest, Tumblr can make a good reputation. You can also improve your site’s
reputation on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ other social communities.
Own Blog Network:
The best way to acquire a
super strong backlink profile is to build your own private blog network.
Nothing beats this and nothing will for a very long time when done well. Yes
this is one of the best ways to get and control very powerful links.
Contextual Links:
try to create contextual links for your website using Anchor Text. The anchor
text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. The words contained in the
anchor text can determine the ranking that the page will receive by search
engines. When you create an anchor text backlink which is the 1st tier link
always do another backlink to the 1st tier making it the 2nd tier link. This
way link juices from the 2nd tier flows to the 1st tier and that’s your site
creating more powerful link juices to your site.  This is the way to go for valuable links
RSS Submitter:
your site feed url and submit it to rss directories several times into as many
feed the rss submitter will take and then blast it severally that way i create
multiple links on my 1st tier link thus boost it power. You can gather all the
links and convert them to one rssfeed url then blast it RSS Submitter tools.
Forum Posting:
Forum posting is the best way to get valuable backlinks. Just search for the topic
related to your content and post some valuable information along with your

Internal Links:
this what you will do, for those who don’t know, whenever you make any post
always collect the URLs and save it in your word file, When you are done with
the post then you have to backlink again to those URLs you collected this help
to boost the value of the backlinks adding more juice and making it rank higher
in the search engine which in turn has a positive effect on your own site there
by increasing its value as well.
Guest Posting:
Guest posting is also very good way to get valuable backlink, you can contributes
your blog with friends or you can hire authors to build content.
EDU and GOV Sites:
We can get link from
business directory and other educational sites. This is really a great idea for
everyone, but we feel little lay to create backlinks for all other websites
where we are linking and this could be an exhausting method for everyone.

Its looks like too much work. First, you need to backlink your website, than
you need to backlink your website that has backlink to your website.


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