has released another app for the two operating systems iOS and Android. The
latest app is a messaging app for Sony's PlayStation Network. Users can send
messages via the app directly from your iPhone or Android smartphone to their
friends on the PlayStation Network. All Others "PlayStation
functions" find users in the PlayStation "Messages
PlayStation Network Messaging App
has published its own news app for the operating systems Android and iOS. The
messaging app is intended exclusively for Sony's game console network. Users
should use the PlayStation Messages app on their iPhones and Android
smartphones can directly communicate with their friends in their PlayStation
friends list.
company already offers a companion PlayStation app in the various app stores to
download. The relationship between the "full" PlayStation companion
and the new PlayStation news app is very similar between Facebook app and
Facebook Messenger: The PlayStation news app is intended exclusively for
sending and receiving messages, while everything else, such as updates to
PlayStation games, in the "Messages app" takes place.


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