With the officially announce the new Apple TV is turned
especially the Siri into the center. The new remote control has not only a
stylish design and a lighting port for charging, but also allows the eponymous
Siri search. The smart assistant proved in our first tests, however, than
anything else except reliable. Just what the measures proposed by Siri commands
itself was concerned, much work yet. Apple has quietly here now reworked and
now allows access to Apple Music via Siri. It is also possible to learn about
current Soccer Results, and the league table.
New Voice Commands List

List of available Siri commands for Apple TV:
Navigation on the Apple TV
  • “Open the App Store”
  • “Start Netflix”
  • “Open photos”

Search Movies and TV Shows
  • “Games the first episode of Homeland”
  • “Show me the popular comedies”
  • “Show me movies with George Clooney”
  • “Locate television programs which are suitable for

Refine Search Results
  • “Show me just of this year”
  • “Only the dramas”
  • “Only the best”
  • “Only those with Johnny Depp”

During The Video Playback
  • “Stopping”
  • “Switch to English”
  • “Fast forward 90 seconds”
  • “Jump backward 10 minutes”
  • “Turn the subtitle”
  • “Spanish subtitles switch”
  • “What did she just say?”

Obtain Additional Information on a Consignment
  • “Who plays in this movie?”
  • “Who is the director of this film?”
  • “At what age this film is released?”
  • “When was this film be released?”

Play Music
  • “Games, Walk ‘from the Foo Fighters'”
  • “Games the Top 10 Hip-Hop Tracks”
  • “Joining a compliment ‘Sportfreunde Stiller my
    collection added”
  • “Play the live version of this song”
  • “Games more of it”

Obtain General Information
  • “Who won the Champions League?”
  • “Whoever plays tomorrow against Hamburg?”
  • “What’s the weather like?”
  • “How is the weather in Hawaii?”
  • “When the sun goes down in Sydney on?”
  • “How the NASDAQ today?”
  • “How is the share price of Apple?”


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