Siri Loudspeakers in MacBook Pro Optics

Apple has nothing to counter the Amazon echo speaker, but this could change on the WWDC 2017. A Siri loudspeaker is rumored to be presented in the look of the MacBook Pro.

Speech recognition AI "Alexa" is installed, speaker terminal "Amazon Echo" which will be various assistants, such as shopping only to talk to, listening to weather forecast of today, teaching cooking recipe etc although it is a huge hit, Apple is also considered to be developing an equivalent terminal based on Siri. Development has already entered the final stage and there is a possibility that it will be announced as early as the event WWDC 2017 held by Apple in June 2017.

The well-known Leaker Sonny Dickson has spread through Twitter alleged details about an upcoming Siri speaker.

“Apple is currently finalising designs for their Alexa competitor, expected to be marketed as a Siri/AirPlay device.” - Sonny Dickson (@ Sonny Dickson)

According to a supposed insider at Apple, Apple is currently working on the completion of the Siri speaker. The device should be marketed as a Siri or AirPlay device and be built with the know-how of Beats, which Apple had taken over.

Alexa is an artificial intelligence (AI) developed by Amazon, a speaker-type terminal equipped with Alexa "Amazon Echo" answers information by people in response to questions spoken to by a person, actually manipulates peripheral devices Assistant functions that can be popular are gaining popularity.

In addition to the possibility to play music on the device via AirPlay, a microphone is also to be installed with which the loudspeaker receives commands. Also a Siri SDK for developers should be planned.

Maybe a modified version of iOS is to run on the device similar to the tvOS on the Apple TV, for which developers can develop their own apps. However, Dickson does not have a straightforward record of his "Leaks". Recently he had spread the rumor that iOS 10.3 is a Kinomodus ("theater mode") installed. This happened at the end of the Apple Watch but not the iPhone.

Amazon and Google have both loudspeakers in the assortment, which are also equipped with a microphone and serve as interface to the language assistant. Both have an API that allows developers to use the technology to integrate their devices and applications into the system.


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