your application is requesting to access private data, the request must be
authorized by an authenticated user using sensitive information who has access
to that data. Whereas your application requests public data access, the request
does not have to be compelled by authentication, such as an API key.

1. Log in your Google account.
2. Go to: https://cloud.google.com/console#/project
Click Create Project.
Create Project
3. Fill basic information Project Name,
Project ID (refresh to change), check checkbox “I have read and agree to all
Terms of Service for the Google Cloud Platform products”. Then click
Create Button.

4. Click on “APIs” option the left side tab
of APIs & auth. 

Blogger API v3

5. Find the “Blogger API v3” in Browse API
option and Enable it. 

6. Click on Blogger API v3 and Explore this API, this will open
services tab.

Blogger API v3
services tab

7. Then there will be the Quota Request
application (OAuth 2.0), top right side corner Enable it.

8. And then enable both checkboxes and
click Authorize button.
OAuth 2.0

You have done.


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