SEMrush is the most advanced SEO keyword analysis tool for discovering competitors keywords campaigns in
search engine marketing (SEM) and
search engine optimization (SEO). SEMrush has provides the knowledge,
expertise, and data to fetch our websites or weblogs to the next level in
search ranking. You can easily discover from which keywords drive traffic to
competitor websites and realize how off-base you might have been in your pre-SEMrush efforts. It allows
discovering keywords which are most powerful to reach first page ranking in search
engines like Google, Bing and other. SEMrush allow you to manage keywords for
both AdSense and Adword. This will help you to find high CPC keywords for AdSense as well as low CPC keywords for adwords, because this service will
quickly train you to adapt to an always changing online world.
SEMrush SEM/SEO Tools
SEMrush provide paid services but you
can check for free some very useful website metrics:
  • Organic Keywords number of ranked keywords in Google ranking
  • Ads Keywords number of ranked keywords by advertising
  • Traffic Estimated visitors coming from Google search engines
  • Backlinks explore site nofollow and dofollow backlinks
  • Cost how much need
    to spend to gets visitors from adword
  • Published Media Ads estimated keywords CPC etc.

SEMrush dashboard focuses on Organic
keywords, Ads Keywords, compare Organic vs Ads, organic Traffic, Competitors in
organic search, Competitors in Ads, advertising research, AdSense, backlinks analysis expert tools and rank metrics, to keep current with mutable algorithms and SEO tendencies, the
company consistently improves its process so that you can make your website or
blog more visible in search ranking, both organic and paid search results.


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