The autumn update for Windows 10 is available again: After
Microsoft’s Threshold-2 update had largely withdrawn a few days after the first
publication, now follows the recall of the recall. The update is available
again as an ISO file in the Media Creation tool available for download.
Microsoft has provided an updated version of it – and that also explains why
Microsoft had cashed the update again.
Windows 10 Threshold 2

Windows 10 Threshold 2 ISOs are Available

After starting the Threshold-2 system, the ISO files were
available for several days not on the Media Creation tool. That meant anyone
who wanted to make a clean installation of Windows 10, which was concerned only
with the original build 10240th The Threshold-2 Update (Build 10586) then could
be installed retrospectively only via Windows Update. Now you can create with the
Media Creation Tool again installation media directly to the latest Windows 10

Fixed Problem With Windows 10 Threshold 2 Update

Contrary to the original assumption that Threshold causes 2
problems with BitLocker encryption, the problem lay elsewhere: With the update
was installed some security and privacy settings are not applied. According to
the Microsoft Support page, the settings for advertising ID to the background
apps to SmartScreen filter and synchronize with other devices were affected.
The cumulative update KB3120677 fixes this bug. 
If you now upgrade to the fall
update 1511, the error should no longer occur. If you had Threshold 2 already
installed, you can restore the update KB3120677 the unasked changed settings,
as it becomes available to you in Windows Update. According to Microsoft
connoisseur Paul Thurrott but few users have been affected by this relatively
small bug. Presumably Microsoft has released the update so just pulled back to
go a renewed debate on data protection out of the way. 


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