Since Windows 10, users really deal first
with Windows apps. That said, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in a conversation
with investors. The Microsoft boss pointed thus far on the positive development
of the new app stores out there in reverse but also to that desktop apps on
Windows 8 anyone have really interesting.
Universal App Platform

At the same time Nadella also asked for
patience until the new strategy of universal app platform is bearing fruit.
Specifically, he responded to the question of an investor, who complained that,
especially for Windows Phones many important apps would still be missing:
"We had other efforts in the past, but
now we have a store and a common app platform. Enter to focus forward us time.
We see, for example, for the first time in Windows desktop, with more than 100
million users, an active interest [...] some developers like Netflix see
greater use over the Netflix app as on the Web. These are early indicators
that, I think, more developers will bring to program more such applications. "
From monetary policy to take into their own
hands in order to "buy" prominent Apps, so developers to pay for a
Windows version of your app, Nadella holds little. Instead, the platform should
"organically" grown.
"We are very focused on this challenge.
We understand that this challenge affects the decision for a smartphone. But we
must think of the united platform and - instead of individual deals to get some
apps - ensure that we create organic momentum for the platform, and that's what
we do. "

Last calculated Nadellas predecessor Steve
Ballmer had expressed serious doubts about the success of Universal Apps and
said that Windows Phones Android Apps should support. Microsoft has recently
release its Android emulator for Windows Mobile 10, set (Project Astoria) on
ice until further notice.


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