The Australian Craig Wright claims to be the creator
of bitcoin. The man was to be appointed the inventor of the crypto currency
last year and would have now discussed the BBC evidence. Experts doubt his
Prominent members of the bitcoin community and
members of the core team of developers have endorsed the claim of Wright,
reports the BBC. Wright made ​​his confession to the BBC, The Economist and GQ.
To support his claim, signed the Australian posts
with digital keys at the time of bitcoin were used by Satoshi Nakamoto
messages. Under the pseudonym was released the first bitcoinclient on January
9, 2009 and the year before the white paper bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic
Cash System published. 
Satoshi Nakamoto Real Identity

Wright also demonstrated to have the keys that are
used for the first bitcointransacties. According to the inventor helped crypto
expert Hal Finney him in the early days. Wright said still to release more
information to confirm his claims. He hopes to bring the speculation about the
identity of Satoshi Nakamoto to an end. Media have regularly designated the
wrong person in the past. 

End of 2015. Wired and Gizmodo came to the
conclusion that Wright was the creator of bitcoin, after hints about this. At
the same time the Australian police did would have to make a raid at Wright,
related to tax matters unrelated but with bitcoin. The name Satoshi Nakamoto is
more than one million bitcoins, representing a value of at 400 million euros.


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