Samsung Electronics has announced its readiness to show some
of the projects he worked on in recent months in his secret lab called Creative
Lab for the first time in Las Vegas, at CES 2016 next week (6-9 January).
C-Lab is one of the innovation programs of Samsung, which
helps its employees to cultivate their creative business ideas. The three
projects are WELT - a belt health that helps people manage their waistlines
measuring their habits and daily behaviors, Tink - a motion controller for your
hand to those who use VR Gear, and TIPtalk - a strap that allows for watches
to hear sounds transmitted through their smart devices.
Projects Smart Belt, Tink, TIPtalk
One of the three projects is called Welt: it is a smart belt
which helps the wearer to maintain a right waistline counting steps and
monitoring the time that is spent in sitting as well as keeps track of the
movement habits. WELT sends the collected data to an application specially
designed for the analysis and production of a range of statistics.
The third and final project that Samsung will show at CES
2016 called TIPtalk. It is a watch strap that can be attached to smartwatch
Gear S2 as the South Korean manufacturer. The wearer can 'listen to music or
receive calls without using headphones or earphones from their smart devices,
like the Samsung S2 Gear, just by tapping your finger on your ear, then through
your body, literally. "This improves the clarity of calls, allowing you to
accept in public, even in noise sensitive environments or noisy, such as a
concert hall, without the risk of being listened to," says Samsung.
Samsung does not specify, but from the description from the
image you can 'guess: TIPtalk is a device that transmits sound through bone conduction,
ie touching the ear with your finger is used to transmit sound to the ear
through the bones. A little 'as work glasses Google Glass, which do not require
headset to listen to the sounds. Just like in the movies of James Bond, it will
be enough 'to touch his finger to his ear to listen to music or the other party
of the call.
These projects C-Lab will be on display at Eureka Park, the
space dedicated to start-up at CES in Hall G, Level One of the Sands Expo, from
January 6 to January 9, 2016. These projects are still in development and
Samsung has decided to show them to assess their market potential by collecting
feedback from visitors to the fair.
Since it was founded in 2012, C-Lab of Samsung has promoted
creative thinking across the company and supported more than 100 projects, of
which approximately 70 have already been completed, while 40 are currently in


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