It is now considered a
foregone conclusion that Apple will put the iPhone on medium OLED displays.
OLED has relative to the LCD technology previously used in Apple iPhone greater
contrast representation, higher response times and lower power consumption.
Now go the speculation
about OLED-based iPhones in the next round. Apple is to be supplied by Samsung
from 2017 with 5.5-inch OLED displays - apparently for use in the iPhone Plus
model. Every year, therefore the supply of 100 million of these displays provided
to Apple. The contract has between the Apple and Samsung, according to the
for a period of three years and a volume of 2.6 billion dollars. 
Samsung May Supply OLED Display to Apple iPhone

In OLED there are
currently still the problem of longevity, since the effect of the decreasing
brightness occurs faster than LCD. However, the suppliers and manufacturers are
working hard to improve the service life. Until now sets the Californian computer
pioneers only at his watch to OLED. 

Apple is in the
smartphone market is currently under great pressure. The company expects the
first quarter of 2016 decline in sales - it would be the first ever in the
history of the iPhone. The iPhone is the biggest source of revenue for Apple,
according intensively the activities of the company are viewed in this area of
investors and analysts.


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