Asus had horrendous Industry gadget world by releasing a
smartphone that supports RAM capacity of 4 GB. Smartphone named the Zenfone 2
managed to hook the gadget enthusiast today. Even Asus not stop releasing new
variants of the Zenfone 2. But this time Asus arrival saygnya very strong
contender. Reportedly even smartphones that they worked se and g have a
capacity of RAM is much larger than the Zenfone 2 6GB.
Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Reinforced Capacity 6GB RAM
Currently Samsung is working new generation
of premium smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 6. This new generation will reportedly
carry large-capacity RAM up to 6 GB. In addition to the RAM capacity of the
monster, the size of the internal memory of the smartphone is also very
tempting the 64 and 128 GB.
Not much different from the previous generation, the Samsung
Galaxy Note 6 will process 5.8-inch Super AMOLED screen complete with RGB color
configuration. However saygnya, its capacity main camera is proposing to
generation time is decreasing. For Galaxy Note 6 is only equipped with a
capacity of 12 MP main camera. Slightly different from the previous generation
that carries the 16 MP main camera.
Until now, Samsung still did not give more details about the
full specifications, prices and also the release date. Well, let's wait for
further news.


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