The software developer Readdle has announced
a Mac version of its e-mail app Spark. Their publication is expected in early
spring or 2016th Spark has been released in May for the iPhone and is available
free for download. Even at an iPad-optimized version is worked according
Readdle. Readdle thus strengthening its activities in
the Mac market. In the past week, the company released an OS X version of PDF Expert.
The OS X from Yosemite runnable PDF program will gradually be supplemented with
additional functions. Previously PDF Expert was only available for iOS.
Readdle E-mail App Spark
Spark supports both IMAP and POP accounts,
more recently, Exchange mailboxes. The iPhone version enables search queries in
natural language and can inform on request only those emails, which are for the
user probably of importance (“Smart Notifications”). Further
components include a unified inbox, signatures, access to services such as
Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, OneNote and Google Drive, Quick Answers, a
calendar widget and storing emails as PDF.


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