work of SEO involves entering deep into your customer's company soul.
Understand the business model, have access to strategies even before they are
released, to know what the strengths and weaknesses, discover unique
opportunities. There is no denying the learning achieved during a SEO project.
Except that this article is not to show the importance of being involved in the
design of a customer, but about how to relate to this information and the possible
attendance of competitors. For this reason I am writing the article to lift the
pros and cons and know what people think about it.
customers in the same segment has several advantages. The hits and the first
errors can facilitate the work done in the next project. An agency can
use the same staff to run the project. The learning curve is practically zero.
In addition to not need to run reports more than once, still have real
competitor data.
the disadvantages of not meet competitors there is financial. If you can sell
the same for more than one person more profits. Another disadvantage does not
have to explain things to justify to his client during a project why he appears
in 7th and the 2nd competitor? The worst of all is the customer discover during
the project on customer service.
if clients stops a project or refuse to renew with SEO consulting, nothing
prevents the service from a competitor. After that he chose not to continue. What
can be done between the parties is to set a delay time to have the service to a

client also has the right to choose, of course, although I find it strange. If
competitors know they are serviced by the same company and do not care about
that, have nothing to do. The important thing is transparency. And you, what do
you think of this?


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