last month, a vulnerability has been discovered in the new OS X version,
through which malware can lurk on the Mac. Based on this gap, the first
malware has now surfaced.
in OS X to enter the user password required if software is to be installed. The
security expert Stefan Esser has, last month discovered a bug that causes can
also be installed without a password query software. Thus can unsolicited,
make unnoticed wide on the system. The first time a malicious software has
been found that exploits the bug and implants itself on the system. Both
in the new OS X version 10.10.4, as well as in the beta version of 10.10.5, the
vulnerability exists.
drawing in the current beta versions of OS X 10:11 El Capitan the vulnerability
has already been closed, users of the actual operating system version that
helps but little. 

So we can only hope that Apple reacted quickly and soon released a patch to
resolve the problem.

Until then, you only have the option of a kernel extension use of Essers
company SektionEins to fix the problem – it is on github for download. However,
of course, raises the question of whether you want to import the unofficial
software into your system. When potential problems you Apple is unlikely to
help. After all, you can see the source code on GitHub.


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