With iOS 9 updates Apple integrated many new
features, the existence of which nearly three months after the release is still
poorly known. A good example is the universal links. This unassuming function
turns out to be a great expansion, offering a great comfort when you know how
to use them properly. We have looked at the operation of a closer.
Open Direct App, 42 Apps Supports Universal Links for iOS 9
End of September this year Apple has published
his great iOS update with iOS 9. Only recently was the update in iOS 9.2 version and provides some features that most should be rather unknown among us – for
example, “Universal-links“. Typically, web-links are so far opened in
Safari and can from there in turn relay to certain apps. With iOS 9 this intermediate
step can now handle.
If you want to open a Twitter or Amazon link in iOS 9,
now you have to not only be forwarded to Safari, but can jump directly into the
Twitter or Amazon app installed in your iOS device. Therefore one must just keep the link
pressed a little longer to “Open in Safari” and the options to get
“Open in Twitter” appears.
According to Jack Ivers,  42 apps already support the universal links,
including Yelp, Amazon, Pinterest, Foursquare, Twitter, Dropbox, Airbnb, Google
Maps, LinkedIn, Spotify, SoundCloud and many more but not limited. Likewise
Ivers has found that the maker of apps with Universal Link Support have entered
a special file on their website.
However, this file also has pages that do not
yet support the new feature as Netflix, Instagram, Tumblr, Shazam, Vine or
Vimeo. Whether the apps can actually be opened via the universal links in the
near future, is not yet determined. 


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