What is nuts and bolts of Offpage Optimization? The most important part
and also the most effective in the off page optimization are the backlinks.
Links, so-called backlinks are the alpha and omega in the OffPage optimizing a
website. If you want to entwine pages with strong competition, good backlinks
are still the best way to achieve this goal. However, just here you can make a
lot of wrong and you have always the risk that Google punishes your website or blog.
This means then that the website will be found nowhere in Google search results.
It is important to know
that according to the webmaster guidelines of Google are actually any kinds of
link generation or link buying undesirable or prohibited. That’s why you need
to know right here exactly what you are doing. Especially in the beginning this
is of course very difficult. For this reason, I recommend just beginners, to
specialize in the keyword analysis and position pages in markets where it does
not require links.
Google values ​​these backlinks very strong and weighted them according
to the Google page rank (PR) and (DA) Domain Authority or (PA) Page Authority.
The Google page rank determines the value of a site it is 10 for very good
(very few global sites) and 0-1 for a bad rank.
It is important that if
you put external links, this strong a Page Rank site is a good DA and PA. It is
also important that they do not put a link somewhere on the net of his own
side, but there where it makes sense. If I put a link to a forum for IT
technology, which makes no sense, because the Forum has specialized in IT
technology and not on cat advice. A forum for Blog lovers or Bloggers Forum for
Blogging, would be a better place there. One thing is quite important, you need
a healthy measure backlinks create implying a prohibition week no more than 10
links to a new page will be created, because it is not realistic, at least not
at the beginning, that you generate 100 backlinks per day.

NoFollow and DoFollow Links

When nofollow link no
Pagerank is inherited. Nevertheless, it is important to have made ​​NoFollow links.
Here are countless ways
to create backlinks, here are some basics:

Search Engine Submission

Reporting your website
to the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Alexa,
Alltheweb, Lycos, Excite, etc. in order to get links for free.

Web Directories:

Web directories or web
directories are a controversial but good place for backlinks. There one can
make his own side Public. There are also other web directories that are part
costs, you can invest a lot of money in Directory so, this is not worth it.
There are also free web directories where you can submit, which are also very
good. The only what to look for is the Google PageRank which should be at least
2-4, and it should not be a delivered spamming catalog. It does nothing to you,
if you find yourself in a web directory with a PR of 0-2600 Enter times. Then
rather in 10 web directories with a higher PageRank that puts you much further.

Forum Postings

A Forum / online
discussion forum or write post a discussion in a forum with link to your page.
You can post (also known as “Do-Follow Forums”) in the signature that
can be crawled by the search engines also a response to a thread in other
service-related existing forums.

Blog Links:

You go on various blogs
and writes commentary, with a backlink to your own site. This should also
tackle only subtly.


A very good way is to
create or publish and / or online seminars instructional videos as product
videos. Are all the more to see more and more on different platforms you, once
the chance is greater that you also get traffic. However Youtube links are

Social Bookmarking:

You can write to social
bookmarking sites or portals link to post your own site.

Link Exchange:

You write pages that
have similar content as your website and ask if you get a link to a bottom. In
turn, then you link to their site.

Press Release Promotion:

You write a press
release, or be a sign and then invite these to an appropriate high portal.

Link Purchase:

You can either write to
websites or try to buy a link there, or there are so-called link buying
portals. But precisely here is the greatest risk, as these portals are known
and there are more and more cases in which Google punishes any link networks.
If you buy links, you should always do this under the radar, but I personally
would advise against the purchase link!

Social Media:

The mother of all social
media platforms is easy to use and can be reached in this way thousands of
people. Content can be shared there and there also reach all users of Facebook
worldwide. Again, it is advisable to create related links.


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