The most expensive smartphone of all time, Not quite,  Because even before the Finns could return to
2016 smartphone business, the veteran Nokia logo will be present on an entirely
different product category. Making virtual reality expertly created. Intelligently
designed. Purpose-built. OZO is the world’s first professional Virtual Reality

Nokia's Virtual Reality 360 Degree Camera OZO
Total 8 cameras are (each recording at 2K x 2K resolution) studding
the sphere. Their placement means full 360 x 180 degree recording of each, with
a global shutter that means none of the artifacts you might expect from a
rolling shutter. Meanwhile,
eight microphones record full spherical, 360 x 360 degree audio. That means not
only what's going on around the camera, but sound from different elevations up
and down.
The OZO is for professional use certain 360 degrees virtual
reality camera that can be pre-ordered now directly from Nokia.
The small camera bullet from a science fiction film could
directly originate in the distant future, but is scheduled for delivery in the
first quarter 2016.
Nokia has written whopping $60K the price tag of the camera
and demanded another 5,000 dollars for an additional combined battery / memory
unit. A docking station for charging the camera's battery and data transfer
costs another $ 1,500.


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