Apple fans have surely waited a long time for
this moment: as of Wednesday, the new high-end tablet iPad Pro are reserved. Already
in September unveiled its new Apple tablet flagship. The iPad Pro does not just
shine with a 12.9 inch display and a A9X processor, but also with a high price.
First buyers can keep the device as early as Friday in the hands. As already
assumed in the rumors that euro prices fall from higher.
No More Wait for iPad Pro

Until now, just make sure the release is
imminent in this month in more than 40 countries. For a few hours it is known,
the tablet will be from Wednesday in the online store for preorder. As of
Friday, the new device in the official Apple stores, as well as third-party can
be purchased. Some vendors already accept pre-orders. Sales will start this
time not only in Germany but also in Austria and Switzerland.
As already suspected waived Apple on a 1: 1
conversion at the price. The euro prices therefore fall out higher. The
smallest iPad Pro with only 32 gigabytes of memory and WiFi-only suggests with
899 euros. For the version with 128 gigabytes including LTE 1,229 euros will be
due. The price for the 128 gigabyte version without LTE is still pending.
According to third-party ours will cost 1,079
euros. Officially this is not confirmed. At the same time will start the sale
of accessories, the new Apple edit switches for 109 euros the owner, the
keyboard for 179 euros. In the latter case, however, it should be noted that
there will only be an English version thereof. The buttons are so arranged
differently. The sale of cases goes on Wednesday at the start. The
Apple-silicone cases cost 89 euros, are SmartCover already from €69. Initial
feedback from app developer was fantastic.


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