The new social network Peach can be equipped with additional
elements Embassies to be added by typing certain “Magic Words” in the
entry line. So you can share with friends about GIF animations, weather
information, calendar entries, reviews, the current time, current on mobile
songs, drawn sketches, to own residence or the battery level. The concept comes
from Dom Hofmann, founder of Vine.
Social Network iOS App Peach
After the short video platform sold 2012. Twitter, Hofmann
founded the company Byte and released an eponymous Creativity App. Peach is
Hofmann’s latest project and is already creating a furore. First users of the
currently available only for iOS social networking app report a user experience
a mixture of Slack, Tumblr and Telegram, reports VentureBeat.

Simple operation

Postings are visible on Slack in the default setting for all
users. Comment can they, but only if you’re friends with the author on Social
Network. Optionally, you can limit the visibility of postings on friends or a
maximum of friends of friends. The app emphasizes very simple operation.
In addition to the aforementioned “Magic Words”
includes Peach a version of Poke on Facebook on, only with a larger version of
Emoji sincerely. The app is available for free for iOS. When registering one’s
identity with no other social networks is matched, so many accounts of false
celebrity already dive now on in Peach.


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