At the beginning of the new year, the speculation about thenext-generation iPhone have picked up speed. As the Web site MyDrivers, citing
sources from the Asian supplier industry report, the iPhone 7 Plus is allegedly
offered with up to 256 GB storage capacity and come with a more powerful
battery. At present, to have a maximum of 128GB capacity Apple smartphones.
256 GB storage capacity
The battery capacity is set to rise by almost 13 per cent of
2750 mAh (iPhone 6 Plus) to about 3100 mAh the successor. If so, the utterance
duration would extend with fully charged battery up to three hours. More
recently, Apple has introduced a shell with integrated spare battery for iPhone
6 Plus. It costs 109 euros and is the talk time via UMTS at up to 11 hours and
the Internet over LTE by up to 8 hours lengthen.
The announcement of the next-generation iPhone is expected in
September. In the rumor mill is the last few months intensively on the
elimination of mechanical buttons Home speculated. Thus, Apple is working with
the fingerprint sensor to integrate the Home button Touch ID to display. This
would allow Apple, the smartphone to either reduce or fitted with larger
displays. The functionality of the home button to be thanks to the 3D touch technology embedded directly into the display. There are also discussions on
the abolition of the jack connector and associated a thinner casing design. The
latter could the project to integrate a stronger battery, however, stand in the


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