There are two things that we all miss our old
Nokia mobile phones. Firstly, the seemingly endless battery life, on the other
hand, the breakage of the displays. The latter problem could now be made with a
new patent of Apple. By this Apple could ensure that members display breaks the
past. The procedure sounds at first glance not to be realized, but after months
of work, the inventors of Cupertino are not free a patent pending. This works
as follows: tiny springs are to be incorporated into the housing of the
smartphones that in case of a fall - are activated and thereby the display is
intended to prevent a break - the iPhone perceives via sensors.
Cover Breakage Of The Displays
In addition to other protectors are used to
prevent jumping out of the display screen from the case in the event of a fall.
When and if the patent goes into production is not known.

What exactly Apple's new patent cover?

"An electronic device includes one or more
screens, multiple screen protectors moveable between a retracted position and
extended position where they extend above the screen to create a gap, and one
or more sensors. When the sensor detects a drop event, the screen protectors
move from the retracted to extended position, functioning as a shock absorber
and preventing the screen from connecting with a surface that the electronic
device contacts. In some implementations, the screen protectors may be multiple
tabs that may be moved between the retracted and extended positions by one or
more motors and/or other actuators coupled to one or more pinions. Such tabs
may be formed of various flexible and/or rigid materials such as plastic,
plastic film, polyethylene terephthalate or other polymers, metal, thin film
metal, combinations thereof, and/or other such materials."

It would make virtually every iPhone users
happier and could represent a further selling point for the flagship of
California. The costly repairs are usually not carried out at Apple, since
external providers repairing display damage cheaper, unless the mishap occurs
within the first year. In this case, the smartphone can be currently exchanged
for 115 euros against a new unit. If Apple would now still worry about a better
battery life, we would all very much happier.


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