The changes were publicized made ​​through
the blog of Mozilla. The browser maker says that it will stop the ads to place
more emphasis on discovering new content using the Tiles-page, though it is
still unclear exactly how that will look. Mozilla although it does not say in
so many words, the ads do not seem to have yielded enough.
JavaScript Engine ChakraCore is Open Source
"Advertising in Firefox could be a great
business, but it isn’t the right business for us at this time because we want
to focus on core experiences for our users. We want to reimagine content
experiences and content discovery in our products. We will do this work as a
fully integrated part of the Firefox team."
Mozilla decided several months ago to start
an experiment with showing ads through the Tiles page. Before that it had
entered into contracts with companies that are 'recommended' content showed on
the page. Because of current contracts continue to see ads for several months.
Because many users access the Tiles page to see if they get a new tab, the ads
potentially have a wide reach.


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