stops development of Firefox OS as an operating system for smartphones. The OS
will continue to exist, but will be used for other applications. Firefox OS was
presented in 2013 as an OS for very cheap smartphones.
Mozilla Stops Development and Sale of Firefox OS

were not able to provide the best possible experience and thus we stop offering
Firefox OS smartphones through telecom operators’, stands in the statement sent
to Mozilla TechCrunch. The news came out earlier in the Mozlando event for
developers, organized by Mozilla.”
Mozilla says
in the statement to be proud of what it has achieved with Firefox OS, and that
there will be further experimented with the user experience across connected
devices. The software developer says more soon to share about these new
Firefox OS
was presented in 2013 and was intended as OS for very cheap smartphones, which
should be brought to men in developing countries. The operating system was
deployed already broader than just on smartphones; This year appeared the first
television that uses Firefox OS: Panasonic CX700. Furthermore, Matchstick
planning to release a Chromecast competitor with Firefox OS, but it failed
because of problems with DRM.


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