According to Microsoft Windows 10 running on more
than 110 million devices; Commercial cloud annualized revenue run rate exceeds
$8.2 billion. Windows 10 might turn out to be a great success for Microsoft,
although the Group’s operating system so far away to most of its users.

Windows 10: Microsoft’s Long-term Success?

A look at the quarterly figures initially
acts sobering: As “More Personal Computing” Microsoft summarizes,
among other things, business with Windows 10, the Xbox and advertising revenue.
In this segment, sales fell compared to the same period last year by 17
percent. This loss has Microsoft but priced as part of a long-term strategy:
Directly, with Windows 10 licenses no money to be earned. The aim is rather to
achieve in a short time as many new users to provide developers an incentive to
develop apps for the ailing Windows platform. 110 million Windows 10 installations
were Microsoft reported last and seems to be in order to be on the right track.

market research company Spiceworks
Image Source: Spiceworks

Successful Start for Windows 10

Another indication of the success of Windows 10 provides the market research
company Spiceworks: According to him, Windows 10 is used in the corporate
environment is already at 11 percent of PCs. In particular in large
enterprises with 500 or more employees, the transition to Windows 10 is faster
than expected progress. Bottom line, Microsoft reported last quarter, a
big plus: all company fields across EADS generated revenues of 21.7 billion US
dollars, per share means the earnings of 67 cents. 


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