Microsoft’s OneDrive UserVoice page after the announcement of
the downgrade in November, the request for the reversal of this decision
the most popular item on the site proved so far. More than 72,000 users
agreed with the message, titled “I suggest you give us back our storage.
” Microsoft decided last month from the beginning of 2016 to amend
the unlimited OneDrive storage of Office 365 users to 1TB, the free OneDrive
accounts would go from 15GB to 5GB, the free 15GB bonus for using camera roll disappeared and more paid subscriptions disappeared.
I suggest you give us back our store
Microsoft gave the motivation for the
decision in November that the company makes available cloud storage with the
aim to facilitate the use of cloud applications like Office 365 and not simply
to provide backup storage in the cloud.
Douglas Pearce, Group Program
Manager  at Microsoft, has responded to the request. He
apologizes on behalf of the Redmondse company and says that every Office 365
user who is not happy with the decision to go from unlimited storage to 1TB,
can get his money back. Office 365 users, who use to store more than 1TB,
can continue to exploit this space until the end of 2016, and they still go to
Users with free accounts that go from 15 to
5GB, up to January 31 2016 in a specially constructed page indicate that
they do not find desirable downgrade. Thus they also retain the 15GB extra
they received as they have enabled the automatic uploading of photos and
videos. Even users who do not use more than 5GB storage may indicate that
they prefer to have 15GB storage. The Camera Roll bonus is no longer
applicable and can only be maintained if users already have. Users who do
not attend on time Microsoft’s page or create an account after January 31 are
still up to 5GB of cloud storage.


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